Is Counseling Helpful for Actors?

My name is Jeffrey and I am an experienced, patient, and caring counselor who has worked successfully with many actors.  

Why does every actor need a therapist?
An important facet of effective acting stems from the actor's ability to access and display emotion.  Engaging in weekly counseling can help you better unlock the feelings that are more challenging for you to work with. 

What kind of Therapy?
What happens when your own psychology blocks you from being able to express a specific emotion that a scene requires? The answer is simple, but the solution is challenging.  Therapy: or more specifically individual counseling.  What I advise is a gentle weekly counseling session aimed at improving your relationship with your own feelings in order to improve your acting.   

Some Background
A strong and vibrant relationship exists between acting and psychology.  Both fields rely heavily on emotions, relationships, and human experiences. In fact, many actors explain that simply practicing a scene can feel therapeutic.  There is a reason for this; feelings are interesting.  Casting directors, critics, and acting coaches want to see your ability to perform a wide range of emotional subtlety.  Here is where, for some actors, some problems surface.  

Remember, therapy is completely confidential (by law) and who knows, as an added bonus to improved acting technique, you might start feeling happier!