When should I see a MFT, MSW, PhD, or a Psychiatrist?
What do all the letters mean (MFT,LCSW,LPC,PsyD,PhD...etc)?
Good question. I have included a brief description of the training and experience required for each license as well as my thoughts about who to see for what type of issues. Remember, the amount of time trained does not necessarily ensure better counseling for you.  I believe that the fit between therapist and client is more important, such that a good working relationship can be developed.  If your counselor has lots of letters after their name but you feel like you can’t talk to them or open up; that is not good therapy. 

Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT, MFCC,LMFT)
See my article,  What is a Marriage and Family Therapist or MFT?
Basically, MFT's are trained specifically for counseling and therapy.  Our training and education is focused solely on how to meet with individuals, couples, children, and families in a therapuetic setting.  The only function for this degree is to be a clinician and work directly with clients in need of counseling.

Social Worker(MSW, LCSW) 
Because the scope of practice of licensed clinical social workers includes several activities other than counseling/psychotherapy or mental health treatment (i.e., providing information and referral services, providing or arranging for the provision of social services, helping communities to organize and doing research related to social work), a portion of the social work master's education involves such coursework as social welfare policy and services, social work practice with organizations and communities and social work research. In the second year of a typical two year master's degree program, the student may select a concentration on clinical social work or social work administration. The LCSW stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which means that this individual has decided to focus on providing therapy in much the same was as an MFT does.  They are required to follow an equally rigorous process of licensure including 3000 hours of supervised training experience.     

Psychologists (PhD, PsyD)
Like MFTs and LCSWs, all psychologists must also complete legislatively mandated coursework or training in alcoholism and other chemical substance dependency, child abuse assessment and reporting, and human sexuality.
Most PhD psychologists have spend considerable time doing research and writing.  Many have become experts in specific areas of need such as anorexia, panic, or addiction.  They are generally more expensive but may be suited for you if you are suffering greatly from one specific diagnosable issue.
A PsyD is like a PhD in counseling.  It is focused only on clinical work like the MFT but requires a more rigorous and lengthy training.  Most PsyD degrees are conferred by small, private colleges that only specialize in psychology such as Pacifica and Phillips Graduate Institute.

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) 
The LPC is a new term being developed for California that may be adopted as a general name for all professionals that provide psychological services.  There are mixed feelings by all members in the field as to whether we should simplify the naming convention or continue to offer diversely trained counselors to Californians.