Can counseling help with Grief, Bereavement, and Loss?

Yes. Everybody copes with grief in different ways, but seeing a counselor helps most people work through the normal but painful process of mourning the loss of a loved one.  My name is Jeffrey Nord (About Me) and I am a grief counselor in Los Angeles who helps people manage life after loss.   

Grief Counseling
For some, the death of a loved one can make every day feel like a mountain to climb, leaving you feeling alone, helpless, and even depressed.  Grief can feel intolerable at times and counseling can be a crucial component to finding a healthy way to grieve.  Grief is a natural and normal human response faced by all of us.  I am a caring and patient therapist who can help you navigate the process of living with grief or loss.   My role as a counselor is to help you cope with the suffering that loss can cause.  Grief, as a process, can be a way of honoring and respecting the loving and meaningful attachment between people after they are gone.  

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