Can you define some feelings?

I thought that I might help you out by relating definitions of some common feelings that we all feel but we don't all like.  I have found that sometimes just the simple act of naming and recognizing an emotional state can be enough to move us out of that state.  So, for instance, you may spend an entire day with some vague sense of things being out of sorts.  It can bother you all day and possibly even ruin events or projects that would otherwise be fun.  It may turn out that you are simply feeling a sense of longing, guilt, shame, or fear that once named will release your body to enjoy your day.

Anguish: Torturing grief or dread.  Intense emotional pain.
Sorrow: A sense of loss, or guilt, or remorse.
Grief: Poignant sorrow for an immediate cause.
Regret: Pain from fruitless longing, deep disappointment or unavailing remorse.

Envy: Painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.
Jealous: Hostile toward a rival, possessive, intolerant of rivalry.  Zealous vigilance.
Malice: Desire to see another suffer.
Spite:  Mixture of envy and resentment.
Grudge: A harbored feeling of spite and/or resentment.

Awe: Admiring fear.  Emotional mix of dread, veneration, and wonder.
Longing: A strong desire for something, especially something unattainable.
Compassion: A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.
Admiration: A feeling of wonder, pleasure, or approval.  The act of looking on or contemplating with pleasure.

Fear:  Anticipation or awareness of danger.
Dread: Suggests the idea of intense reluctance and suggest aversion plus anxiety

Here is a summary of our main categories of feelings:

  Mad Sad Glad Afraid
Small bothered sad relaxed uncertain
  irritated depressed peaceful worried
  annoyed distraught content timid
  frustrated embarrassed satisfied shaky
  exasperated melancholy playful suspicious
  wronged lonely delighted paranoid
Medium offended homesick cheerful anxious
  angry helpless spirited nervous
  disgusted abandoned intrigued frightened
  alienated grief excited scared
  bitter miserable  thrilled alarmed
  appalled hopeless overjoyed terrified
Large furious  despair ecstatic overwhelmed