What is Co-Therapy for Couples?


Thanks for your interest in Co-Therapy with Jeffrey and Rachel. Let us tell you a little bit about this team approach to counseling and why we use it.

 Jeffrey Nord

What is Co-Therapy?
Co-Therapy refers to any type of therapy that is provided by two Licensed Professional Counselors at the same time. For instance in Co-Therapy for Couples, both of us meet with you and your partner at the same time, creating a balanced foursome that provides equality and a safe therapeutic environment for both of you.

Why use Co-Therapy?
For some couples, we think that Co-Therapy can be far more effective than using one therapist.  It is a fresh, fair, and balanced approach that can remedy many of the common complaints about couples counseling.  Some couples find it difficult to select the gender for their couples counselor.  Couples worrying about gender bias or "ganging up" are particularly suited for Co-Therapy.  It is also a hopeful alternative for couples who have tried couples counseling before and had a bad experience or found it to be ineffective. Secondly, Last of all, some couples just like it better to meet with both of us. The idea of two therapists committed to the process of helping strengthen a relationship just feels right.

How Much Does It Cost?
We charge $400 for a Co-Therapy session.

Some Additional Thoughts?
If after a few sessions with both of us, you or your partner decide that you feel more comfortable working with one of us, that is welcomed, as well as deciding to see one of us individually if you feel a particular connection.  Overall, our goal is to help the two of you heal and grow; to that end we are flexible in how we accomplish that goal. In some ways, starting with Co-Therapy is like interviewing two therapists at the same time.  With that said, we think you will prefer our team approach!

Want to Learn More?
You can learn more about Jeffrey Nord and Rachel Barr on our websites and when you call, just request CoTherapy for Couples.

Our Availability for CoTherapy
CoTherapy is only available on Tuesdays.

We look forward to helping you!


Jeffrey and Rachel